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About i-Metrics Asia-Pacific Corporation

I-Metrics Asia was organized to provide excellent online data and analytics services to industry and country; lead in online service innovation and development; and create an exceptional environment for people development, learning and growth.

Company Background

  • The research organization has expertise in both qualitative and quantitative studies including focus groups, in-depth interviews, UAI, IHUT, tracking, mystery shopping, concept testing among many others.
  • The research organization also employs other types of research including feasibility studies and web analytics.
  • We also offer executive courses and seminars pertaining to data analytics, data management, leadership, and e-commerce marketing.

Product Portfolio

  • Purchasing Manager’s Index (PMI) Philippines
  • Purchasing Manager’s Index (PMI) ASEAN
  • Ecommerce Index (ECI)
  • Manufacturing Commodities Index (MCI)
  • Ecommerce Maturity Model Index (ECMMI)

Why partner with us?

  • Extensive market research experience. We cater to consumers, B2B, government, and the social sectors.
  • We do not just provide our clients data. We work with them to increase their bottom line.
  • Technologically innovative. Employs CAPI and online research to answer research objectives.
  • Employs data analytics. Rigorous data analytics via SPSS and goes beyond descriptive analytics.