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7 Steps to E-Commerce Enable Your Business

The Covid-19 pandemic has required MSMEs and exporters to explore e-commerce strategies and digital marketing approaches for business survival, resilience, and recovery.

Celebrating 20th year of and 20th year of the Philippines E-Commerce Law (Republic Act 8792), this e-commerce mentoring program for MSMEs and Exporters aims to help you with web presence creation, online payment acceptance, logistics/fulfillment options, digital marketing approaches, business model tweaking, among others.

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Watch the introduction of this advocacy.

Part 1: Site Development

Part 2: Site & Social Media Integration

Part 3: Social Media Marketing

Part 4: Prospects Engagement & Customer Management

    Participants are encouraged to sign-up for the trial of Shopify to carry out the design steps that will be shown here at

    Should you like to build an e-commerce using WordPress, watch the tutorial video there.

    August 31 Deadline - Get a Certificate

    For MSMEs & Exporters who would like to get a certificate, send Janette Toral a private message showing proof that you were able to apply the lessons from the series through:

    • Creation of an E-Commerce Website (your online store must have its own domain and fully functional - not in demo or trial mode)
    • Running an online marketing promotion/campaign.
    • Reflection on how this learning series helped you.

    This must be submitted and approved on or before August 31. Those who complete it will get to attend our webinar where you will learn how to run Google and Facebook Advertising campaign to promote your website.



    About the Project

    The Philippines E-Commerce Roadmap aims for having a total of 100,000 MSMEs be online this 2020. We are organizing this mentoring session, in collaboration with Shopify, to help MSMEs & Exporters, and reach these goals.

    A basic requirement for MSMEs & Exporters wanting to extend their business online is the creation of Web Presence. For this specific session, we will go through the 7 step process of setting this up.

    Janette Toral is an e-commerce advocate behind

    Additional learning references can be accessed at:

    This learning program is made possible by the support of our patrons.