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Developing Your Business Idea: Digital Success Strategies #1

This is the first episode of Digital Success Strategies where we shared questions entrepreneurs need to consider when planning their business including:

  1. What goals do you want to achieve this year?
  2. What do you need to become and be skilled in order to achieve what you want to become?
  3. What type of products and services are you considering to offer?
  4. Who will be your target market?
  5. What are the possible ways you can generate income from it?
  6. Who can you talk to, learn from, market test to gain some input or validation on what you want to do?
Digital Success Strategies Mastermind #1

Are you ready with the lifting of the quarantine and proceed with business in the new normal? I have been getting queries from MSMEs, exporters, and freelancers for practical suggestions and insights in relation to their goals. There is a lot of uncertainty as sales loss was experienced by most entrepreneurs. We are all in the same boat thinking of innovative ways to move forward. Janette will discuss ideas from the Digital Business Strategies series and how you can implement this in your business and life. As much as we are facing difficulty in these trying times, we also need to breakthrough and move forward. Let us exchange insights and build our capacity on e-commerce, digital marketing, branding, leadership, sales, coaching, and communication. Welcome to the Digital Success Strategies Mastermind!

Posted by on Friday, May 22, 2020

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